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How To Choose Tile For Your Bathroom Floor


Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in your home as they experience the most amount of foot traffic and can significantly boost the resale value of your home. Whether you’ve moved into a new house and are selecting finishes or if you’re renovating your existing property, it’s important that you choose the right tiles.


Every home owner has an idea of what they want their bathroom to look like once all of the renovations are finished. It’s important that you do a significant amount of research into the type of tiles that are not only affordable but that will also offer the perfect aesthetic. When you’re learning to tile a bathroom floor you’ll see a variety of styles in different sizes, colors, and patterns.


The first thing to do is to figure out the look that you’re going for. Do you want a more modern subway tile with smaller pieces or do you want to opt for a traditional style with 12x12 tiles? Knowing what you want is going to help you narrow down your choices during the browsing process.


It’s also important that you don’t overwhelm yourself with all of the tile selections available to you as it can cause you to change your design scheme and force you to forget what your original vision was. Try to focus on 3 different types of tiles that you might want to include in your design and ensure that they aren’t all similar. This allows you to think about 3 different final looks that cover everything that you could want without creating a list of over 15 styles. As an example, if your main choice is a plain bright subway tile, consider choosing a more colorful tile for your second choice and a darker tile for your third choice.


You won’t want to overwhelm the space with a variety of show stopping concepts as it can take away from the pure beauty of your tile. One of the first things people are going to notice in your bathroom is the flooring, therefore you won’t want to choose a tile that is vibrant along with a counter-top that is a focal point. Instead, choose a tile that will complement all of the other pieces that you have in the room to create an even aesthetic flow.


Choosing the right bathroom floor tile is important depending on what the room is used for, as an example whether it’s a powder room or a full bathroom. You won’t want to choose a tile for a full bathroom that needs to be cleaned every time that it gets wet, instead that would be a better choice for a powder room. The different type of flooring materials will determine how much maintenance they require.


When you’re looking to tile a bathroom floor ceramic is typically a material that all home owners enjoy. It’s made out of materials found in a quarry and they are mixed together and hardened at a high temperature. Ceramic is easy to maintain and can come in a variety of colors and finishes. The best part is that it requires little to no maintenance, is available at an affordable cost, and offers a timeless look. Natural stone offers an unmatched beauty but it comes at a higher cost than other types of flooring. A few examples would be limestone (travertine), marble, and granite. There are hundreds of different color schemes and patterns that you can find with natural stone flooring and it offers resilience that ceramics simply don’t have. The main concern with natural stone is that it has to be regularly sealed and maintained, though it is luxurious.


While learning how to tile a bathroom floor making the right tile choice is essential for transforming one of the most used rooms in your home into something stunning and inspiring. With the various types of tiles available, it’s easy to find the look of your dreams.